Benefits of Buying & Selling at Mum 2 Mum

  • We are up to 80% cheaper than retail.
  • We sell brand new items as well as second hand. Younger kids are not likely to know the difference. Everything will seem new to them.
  • Get some much needed space at home when you de-clutter and bring in everything your kids are no longer wearing, using, reading or playing with.
  • Good for the environment: items have a longer life span. There is less thrown out and therefore less landfill.
  • Good for the community: families help each other by paying it forward or paying it backward. When you find a bargain in our store it is due to the help and generosity of the person who sold it to us. Families who are struggling will be able to afford designer clothing labels and good quality toys, shoes books and equipment. You are supporting a local business and keeping the money in our community.
  • Kids are happy because they can get more toys, books and clothing more frequently and their adult is more likely to say “yes!”
  • Adults are happy because they can buy so much more for their money and the smart adults will work out they can buy something from us, use it for a few months then sell it back to us and this is a very cost effective way of providing for their kids.