Bring your lightly used kid’s items that are still in good condition (clothing, toys, books, equipment and furniture) into our store for us to review and purchase.
No appointment necessary.



One of our staff members will review your items carefully and select the items that meet current style, safety and condition standards.*

While you are waiting, you can browse through our store where you are sure to find some excellent bargains. We stock many designer labels and you can expect to pay up to 80% less than in other stores.



You will be provided with a quote and CA$H on the spot for all items accepted.

You will leave with some cash, great bargains, or even both!


  • Clothing must be in good condition, of current style, freshly laundered and neatly organised. Two piece items placed together.
  • Toys, equipment and furniture must include all original parts, be clean and in good working condition.
  • At Mum 2 Mum safety and product quality are our top priorities. Therefore, there are some items we are unable to buy. These include: car seats, formula, recalled items, some personal items and products not meeting Australian Safety Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell you something I bought from you?

You sure can! If its still in good condition and meets our standards, we would love to buy it from you.

Will you give me a quote if I send you a photo?

We can only quote what we can see in person. Look at what similar items are selling for in our store. We offer 30%-50% of that price.

Is everything second hand?

No, approximately 10% of our items are brand new. Aside from purchasing from the general public, we purchase some items from businesses that are closing down or have items to clear, from auctions and other sources.

Can I donate my left-overs?

Yes. Anything that was not selected for purchase can be left with us and we will donate it to charity.

Should I wash/iron my items?

We don’t expect you to iron, however we do offer more money when items are presented nicely. We expect you to wash your items if they have been in storage or worn and not washed. Please don’t wash items that are new and still have tags attached. There is no need to wash items you know are clean and you are taking them directly from your child’s wardrobe or drawers.